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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Chunky but Quick: You Might Like It if You Try It.

Welcome to my life as a "chunk monster." The term is not endearing or flattering, however I think that it is hilarious and this what I identify with.

This blog was created to chronicle my life as a chunky girl, trying to make it in size zero world. Now we can all agree that good health means a healthy weight. We can also agree to disagree on whether that, "Healthy weight" means being miserable and hungry all the time.

Not every entry will be about weight and being chunky because that would be terribly depressing. Also, my life isn't entirely about how much I weight, which may or may not be a good thing.

The point is I don't hate myself. I like who I am. I would like to weigh less, but I am not hell bent on being skinny either (or I probably would be). My life currently consists of a menagerie of what one might consider less than ideal circumstances. I pal around with a friend circle that currently consists of all couples, I'm coming off of two years spent volunteering, and I spend a lot of waking moments hoping that my allergies aren't leading to some sort of sinus infection. According to friends I spend my sleeping moments making strange moaning noises.

It's not all bad folks. I just got a job with an adult type salary, joined a gym (the Jewish Community Center), and I as soon I am reunited with my cat I will have a regular partner in napping. That last list item came across sadder than I meant it to.

No matter the train wreck that is my life, I am fully capable of laughing at myself and mostly laughing at other people. You see I have worked in almost every capacity of the work fields and I can tell you from first hand experience that humanity is in trouble. If the "Me first" identity that seems to be happily adopted doesn't drive us all into the sun, then I am guessing that we will all die of Beiber fever.

So join me on this fun house mirror type life I live. I can't guarantee 100% satisfaction, but I can promise to amuse myself and hope that maybe three other people will also be amused.

 That is my cat. ^

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